Constance Onyeka, shares beautiful pictures of love till death do them part.

Constance Onyeka a Lagos based woman who is disabled shares adorable pictures of her wedding day on Facebook , the pictures have basically gone viral .If you haven’t had the  opportunity to see them ,here  they are . 

” It’s not our disabilities that defines us ,our attitude and how we react to the situations we find ourselves play the biggest role in the reality of life ”

Even though she is disabled and on a wheel chair Constance is not letting life get the better of her ,she is definitely rocking life and has found love . Yesss her husband is not disabled just for some of those who think if someone is disabled love can’t find them.May their love continue to blossom.

For those of us still looking there’s someone out there for each and everyone of us.:)

Congratulations to you Constance and ur hubby.


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