Princess Diana ,The Princess The Queen !

In our eyes you were already queen and you still rock even after so many years your candle blew out .I don’t know why but this video brought absolute tears to my eyes and everything Princess Diana said is totally true. When you do things differently people fear you just because you dear to be different.

” I like to be a queen of people’s heart,in people’s heart but I don’t see myself being queen of this country ” Princess you didn’t live to be queen true but their’s no one more fit to have that tittle than you are .

A phenomenal woman by all standard ,you touched our lives ,made a difference by not following the rule book .Thank you. 

Princess Diana in Pakistan with Imra Khan
Last picture of Princess Diana and her son william .
She loved sports too.

I feel so inspired by this video and thought to share ! Dare to be different you all.    

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