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Dangote is no longer the richest African man alive .:(

According to Financial news magazine Alhaji Aiiko Dangote Africans richest black man who was listed as the 51st richest man in the world in March 2015 has dropped to 101 ,awwwww that’s so sad ! This happened due to the continues crash in the value of the Nigerian currency the Naira.

From June 23 2016 at market opening Dangote fell from 46 on the world market to 71 according to but still remains richer than Donald Trump USA presidential nominee and Oprah Winfrey who is second richest black woman .    

Dangote was worth $15.4 billion but now dropped to $11.1 billion  ,Donald Trump $4.5 billion and Oprah $3.1 billion respectively. 

What’s the hassle about ? The man can still take on the world for twenty years and still remain rich ! 

Davido screams blue murder at a transgender male for trying to touch him on snapchat .

” Hey if you come near me eh , Don’t come near me oooo, don’t fucking touch me ,Na man Na man ” screams Davido Nigerian sweetheart and music star as a transgender man goes near him.

That is decriminatory I must say . Davido you must be careful how you act near people who are different from you . There are better and less rude way to tell someone, anyone not to touch you. 

OMG! Why did you even post the evidence of your rudeness on snapchat ? Delete delete delete .

Nobody has a right to touch you without your permission but you are a star and growing everyday you should be familiar with people who worship the ground you walk by now . This is definitely not the way especially in Hollywood! 

"Don't come near me, don't f*cking touch me!" Davido screams as a suspected transgender approaches him

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As you can see the snapchat video receipt is from instablog9ja Instagram page . Already circulating . I hope this doesn’t get you in trouble.


Domestic Violence. A female aggressor!:((

 Saw this Facebook video . This time it’s the  other way round . Either way it is disgusting . This witch should get her own size . There is no excuse for violence.  

This woman is an animal . :(((

Darkness can sometimes be a gift !101

 Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness ,it did take awhile but in the end, I understood that this too was a wonderful gift. No matter what you are going through , don’t give up . It could be a blessing in disguise after all said and done .I have been kicked in the gut many times ,the good thing is I did not give up. I realized that by giving up those who hurt you win . You can’t let that happen. I didn’t , I made changes .

Sometimes when life happens we think it’s the end but it’s not , are you going through divorce ? Are you in an abusive relationship? Did someone break your heart ,cheat on you or left you for no reason ? It’s not over yet , get up and face the music , it’s time to make a change , empower yourself and make changes.Take a step no matter how small it is .

Dream as much as you can ,so long as you know you have to get up everyday and work towards achieving those dreams . 

What’s a dream without action ? Nothing ! 
So you must wake up ! ❤️  

Koffi Olumide beats up his dancer and then gets deported! 

Famous Congolese singer Koffi Olumide has been deported out of Kenyan for beating up one of his dancer at Kenya’s international airport .Yes! 

The good thing is this time around he was caught red handed even though he publicly denied it happened, BBC has the receipt of the alleged beatation. I am so proud of the Kenyan government for coming to the rescue for the rights of women and deporting the shameless granddaddy . I grew up dancing and listening to his awesome music .His dance steps were epic ! 

Here’s what the Kenyan minister, Youth and Gender Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki, said the singer should be deported and his visa permanently revoked.

“His conduct was an insult to Kenyans and our constitution,” she said. “Violence against women and girls cannot be accepted in any shape, form or manner. It is a blatant violation of their human rights.” So true Madame secretary so true ! 

Hmmmmm Koffi Olumide is about 62 years old if I’m not mistaken 😳 .I am totally in shock that a man of his caliber and age would stoop publicly to violating a woman and kicking her in the puchy. 

According to it’s not the first time Koffi has been known to turn violent and psychotic…..

 He was convicted 2012 in DRC of assaulting his producer and received a three-month suspended prison sentence

He was also accused earlier in 2008 of kicking a cameraman from DRC’s private RTGA television station and breaking his camera at a concert in Kinshasa but a reconciliation was later accepted. 

As they say everyday for for thief but just one day for the owner . Jeeeez does that even make sense ? Heheehehheehhee Koffi Olumide served u right! I apologize on your behalf to the lady in question and I hope she sued you! 

Well don Kenya ! 


Young girl swims with her albino Burmese Python 

Guys you must see this …😳😳😳I kept  thinking what if the python goes mad ? 

The Burmesian Python named Sumatra is her pet.OMG ! 

Summer time is here EbonyFashion! 😎❤️💐🌹

Yesterday’s fashion :

It’s summer guys , time to get the shorts and tees out.

Shorts from H&M 

Sandals by Zoom Milano ,Chanel bag

 ( Ravit Boutique )

📷 EyalZ. 

Men can cheat because they paid for the wedding ring says Derrick Kobina Bonney aka DKB.

 Ghanian comedian Derrick Kobina Bonney DKB is ignorant considering the fact that he claims to have a degree. Derrick has reportedly said that a man can cheat on his wife simply because he is the one who paid for the wedding ring and is responsible for the wedding bill ,for that fact men should not be considered cheaters .Talk about being snotty! 

During his appearance on Joy FM’s lifestyle and entertainment programme Rhythm A to Z last Saturday.
Derrick said the word bride merely means a cook . 

Secondly he says ” when you find your man cheating just leave him to God because that’s exactly what our moms and grandmas did in the past ” Why are my not surprised ? Every time someone makes an ignorant statement they must bring God into it !

 Hahahahahcaaaa DKB then you should go back to the past and stay there that’s where you belong if you obviously still have this mindset .

Derrick Kobina Bonney how about using the platform you got to show some respect and promote women ? We are not just cooks Mr comedian even if you buy the ring or foot the wedding ring ! 

Happy 45 birthday Kate Henshaw.

Wow 45 never looked better .Today we celebrate our very own Kate Henshaw Nollywood award winning actress ,mother and philanthropist . From the first time I saw you on tv . You totally look the same . Have a blast on your birthday and keep shinning .

Kate knows how to have fun and she never allows anything put her down . We love you girl .

Happy birthday ! 

Home Video Produced by @funkekut Directed by @chiomakpotha 😅😅😅😅

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Daddyfreeze gets called out by Noble Igwe after he mentioned his wife in an IG post ….

See the post below …..Noble Igwe don’t fricking play…He gon protect his wife and I agree with him . Glad Daadyfreeze respected himself and apologized…but we missed all the fun :((((

I love celeb fights …:)