Christy Sheats guns down her own daughters

Christy Sheats just cold bloodedly  kill her two daughters . What happened ? 
Christy Sheats 42 guns down her two daughters Madison Sheats who was 22 and Taylor Sheats 17 ,on the street after an argument erupted between them at their home in Fulshear ,Texas,the arguement according to dailymail online report ,started inside their home and spilled into the street,Christy started shooting inside the house and her girls ran out ,she followed them outside where she finally cold bloodedly shoots them, one died immediatey while the other later died in hospital.
When police arrived the scene , Christy refused to drop her weapon forcing the police to shoot and instantly kill her as she stood by her dead daughters . 
The police say they are still investigating and ask for prayer for the father of the girls ,Christy’s husband who is totally broken down.

Taylor and killer mum.
Madison and killer mum
Snapchat post by Taylor with her mother Christy last year.

Madison Sheats and Taylor Sheats .

May their souls rest in peace . What a tragedy.:((

📷from facebook. 

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