Don’t judge anyone’s sexuality. We all have right to live our life’s the way we want so long as we harm no one. #lovewins 

No one has right to take the life of another just because of their sexuality or for any reason at all. Let us live in shared love and peace with one another . We have absolutely no right to be the judge ,the juror and then executioner on anybody’s life . For you to judge you must be without sin but we ain’t . Omar Mateen was a wife beater and terrorist. Definitely flawed on all levels ,he had absolutely no right turning executioner .

Since when did we become the alpha and the Omega ? ” He who is without sin should throw the first stone” There’s so many more heart breaking things  wrong and happening in this world,I do not believe that been gay is an excuse for someone to be killed . There’s poverty everywhere in the world , unnecessary war , grown men marrying little children , women been raped and killed everyday .

Let us focus on the real problems .

Share love and understanding , be compassionate even to those you see as different .Lets stand together against hate ,terrorism, sexual discrimination and racism . Together  we are stronger !

My heart felt condolences to the family of those left behind after this senseless killing in Pulse Gay Nightclub in Orlando.May God give each and everyone the fortitude to continue in strength ,love and peace . LGBT community lost ,we all lost ,this could happen to anyone.

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