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What I wore to a bar Mitzvah Party yesterday.  (EbonyFash) 

Yellow is truly one of my favorite colors ..
Face was beat by me. 😀

Eniko Parrish Baywatch inspired bachelorette party was tha bomb…

Yes guys Eniko Parrish is getting married to our beloved funnyman and movie star Kevin Hart . she took her bachelorette party on South beach Florida to another level …Wouldn’t you want yours to be like hers? Answer me? 

See awesome pictures from her IG social media  …wow 

Brave Bella Thorne reveals she farts to her 12.1 million followers on IG. 

Celebrities mostly post their glamorous life on social media but hehehehe not @bellathorne . 
She posted a picture of her gorgeous self in an absolutely sexy one piece swimsuit and you won’t believe what her caption was . Bella practically announced she had a farting problem on Instagram…and yes she wasn’t hacked .
This is quite refreshing so I can equally reveal I fart too it’s only natural ..:) 

Then I found this on dailymail snapchat …:) ​

Christy Sheats guns down her own daughters

Christy Sheats just cold bloodedly  kill her two daughters . What happened ? 
Christy Sheats 42 guns down her two daughters Madison Sheats who was 22 and Taylor Sheats 17 ,on the street after an argument erupted between them at their home in Fulshear ,Texas,the arguement according to dailymail online report ,started inside their home and spilled into the street,Christy started shooting inside the house and her girls ran out ,she followed them outside where she finally cold bloodedly shoots them, one died immediatey while the other later died in hospital.
When police arrived the scene , Christy refused to drop her weapon forcing the police to shoot and instantly kill her as she stood by her dead daughters . 
The police say they are still investigating and ask for prayer for the father of the girls ,Christy’s husband who is totally broken down.

Taylor and killer mum.
Madison and killer mum
Snapchat post by Taylor with her mother Christy last year.

Madison Sheats and Taylor Sheats .

May their souls rest in peace . What a tragedy.:((

📷from facebook. 

Posh Denrele Edun just made my day. 

Their are some very mean sons of b***hes out there . Yes! But their are also people born with poshness ,to be posh and classy ! 

Some mean internet troll tweeted a very nasty and inhuman tweet wishing @denrele_edun was shot and killed in Orlando shooting … what’s does posh Denrele do? Yes he didn’t clap back to give the fool relevance, ahhahhhahaah he just retweeted the mean tweet on his Twitter account  .

Denrele 100 kudos to you! Just live your beautiful .  

Style ! Denrele keeps it real that’s why we love him. 

What would you do if this stares you in the face everyday ? 😳

Is this temptation or what? 😬😬😬

📷credit:Imzansi Extreme.

Cindy Crawford joins the A-listers of Emojis forever thanks to Pepsi ! 

Yes supermodel Cindy is quite happy with it she even posted on her Instagram acount …:) 

Looks like this is the latest trend for celebrities.Kim K , Blacchyna and more have all gotten into the craze before her so maybe we might get to see her own personal emogi app.

Finally my own emoji! Lovin' the hair flip. Thank you @Pepsi! Link in my bio. #SayItWithPepsi 💋•

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Michael Jacksons underage sex photo collections found in Neverland Ranch in 2003 has been obtained by Raderonline . 

This most be some bullshit . If this is true then both the police who investigated and  judge who acquitted  him should be in jail. Are we supposed to believe that all this evidence existed and the police refused to publish it ? 

Photos of naked teenage boys and ‘all-male erotica depicting men and children’ in violent sex acts . Wicked people , this most be a part of smear campaign to destroy his children and family .​

Story from 

Ooni of Ife is on tour in USA ,you won’t believe what happened ..

Hehheheehhe this is Hilarious to say the list , as you all know the Ooni of Ife is on tour in USA . The hilarious thing that happened was that someone among the welcome followers decided that to welcome the Ooni, a Sanyo ritual will be ideal in Oyibo land but before you know it fire service landed with immediate alacrity because of all the smoke not knowing that’s how we do it in Naija ….Hehehehehehe 

Remember the criminal whose mugshot went viral in 2014?

Well if you don’t then that’s what I’m here for hahahahahahaha.Click on this link and get the full gist ! Jeremy just revealed his first modeling photo on his IG social media .

Two years ago Jeremy Meeks was arrested and sent to jail for possession of a gun and a marijuana. Jeremy’s mugshot after he was arrested went viral,many of you girls wanted him to dump his wife and many you all…:) 

Well well there was talk then of him getting a modeling contract . Which many of us condemned, while some of you ladies wanted to get pregnant by him. Guys he actually got the modeling contract. Jeremy is now out of jail and though his under house arrest according to his Instagram post ,has just revealed his first modeling photo .

Jeremy has also revealed he is going to remove all the tattoos his got on his body. My advice is Jeremy is this,the first one you should remove is the teardrop which signifies apparently on the streets that you have killed someone . That’s what I read ..don’t know if that’s true or not . Then follow up by removing the Adam’s apple tattoo.

Family day in jail.

Jeremy not many people get second chances ,I hope you use yours well and appreciate it .