The horrible case of racial rape in Idaho USA  ! 

 Three high school football players John Howard 18 ,Tanner Ward 17 and another teammate 16 have allegedly sexually attacked a black 18 year old teammate who has a learning disability in the school locker room with a coat hanger . Report says that the three boys allegedly knocked him down then attacked him with the hanger .

John Howard 
Tanner Ward 
John Howard 18 was the lead attacker while his friends kept kicking the hanger in .This horrible incident occurred in the Dietrich high school Idaho USA.

Dietrich high school Idaho,USA 

OMG how wicked can some teenagers be? They not only attacked him they humiliated the poor victim. I hope he gets all the help he needs ,so sad that anyone would want to physically abuse their own teammate like this .The black boy is said to be the only black boy playing in the Dietrich high school football team Idaho.So what ? Is it a crime to be black ? 
Lawsuit which has been filed in court by the victims family says that it’s not the first time the black boy has been attacked and even though his constantly reported to the school authorities no one helped him . He was left to keep suffering ,included in the $10 million lawsuit filed against the school and 11 staffs the sad incident occurred last October.Sometimes he was subjected to different racial slurs like watermelon,chicken eater ,nigger ,and many more unprintable names .He was also beaten unconscious by Howard at a camp which was supposed to toughen them while their adult football coaches watched onwithout intervening ,the he was told to strip down in the school bus and his pictures taken ,sexually humped on pretending anal sex during practice .

I just can’t this is too sad and heartbreaking.

Furthermore if the family knew this was going on why did they not pull him out of this miserable obviously racist school? 

Guys what you think of such wickedness?

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