Poor Gorilla killed but little boy’s life saved after he fail into Gorilla enclosure.

What a nightmare a 4 year old little boy crawled into the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical garden exhibit this weekend and almost got killed by Harambe the gorilla,unfortunately the poor 17 year old Gorilla had to be shot dead to save the little boy’s life.
What happened is that as the boy crawled into the enclosure he fell about 10 feet into the shallow moat ,then the agitated gorilla grabbed and dragged him around for a bit like a sack of potatoes,the child himself screaming for help while his mum kept screaming ” mummy is here honey I love you” its intention not quite clear. Zoo officials  had  to make a drastic decision,concluding the little boy was in danger then shot the Gorilla.

After the animal got killed ,the boy was rushed to a children Hospital for treatment and according  to news release,his name wasn’t included . He is now safe and resting .

The boys parent released a statement and innit stated they are not giving interviews. Very smart decision I must say . 

They thanked zoo workers for their quick action and also confirmed their son is safe “He is home and doing just fine,” the statement read. “We know that this was a very difficult decision for them [Cincinnati Zoo staff], and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla.”

 Gorillas are very dangerous animals and it would have been horrible to watch him crush the boy . Thank God his name was kept out of the media ,you never know which crazy might go after the little boy just because the Gorilla was put down.
Rest in perfect peace Harambe ..( gorilla ) 

I think shooting the animal was the best they could do have done considering the circumstances, how did the boy get away from his parents ? How careless could they have been to let this happen ?

Guys animal lovers are devastated by the gorillas death though.What do you all thing? 

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