Meet the world tallest Virgin Alicia Jay . 

 Hey guys meet the world tallest Virgin.Yes so she claims.

 35 years old Alicia Jay claims to be a virgin and has since decided she wasn’t having sex until she gets married . Mind you Alicia is 6’6″
Alicia Jay is a style blogger and an NBA game experience manager from Oakland ,speaking about her life to she said being a virgin at the age of 35 and an impressive height of 6 foot 6 inches hasn’t been easy even though she truly feels beautiful and has great confidence in herself . She further said that while growing up she was teased nonstop about her height and bullied .

Alicia’s  blog style was conceived from her frustration in finding the right clothes for herself considering her height, seriously I thought only big girls have that problem .😳

“Being a virgin today is a beautiful thing says Alicia but it’s hard ,people have a misconception that we are not exciting people ” 
Alicia believes she will someday find the right man though…and we will you luck . There is absolutely nothing wrong with being 6’6″ tall or a virgin .

Guys what do you think about Alicia being a vigin would you date a 35 year old 6foot 6″ virgin ??? 
If I was a man I will. She is gorgeous I think…

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