Adele makes history,breaking boundaries that has never been broken  ! 

 Yet she can’t twerk ! Now who is the clown that said big girls don’t rule? Wow ! 

Reportedly Adele has signed a $130 million contract with her record label.Guys this has been reported to be the  biggest deal ever signed by a female artist . 

Adele keeps breaking records even though ,she isn’t skinny like her other counterparts , she can’t twerk like Rihanna , she dresses like a classic, elegant old lady ,no boobs poping out ,yet my goodness , she has broken so many records .Oh before I forget she is also a mum.The strength of a woman !

Whoever said showbiz is not for plumpy big girls or women is a liar . Adele has got it all and she’d itwithoutgoibg naked !

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