Billboard award 2016  worst dressed celebrities.😳😬😀.

Z Lala was again at her signature worst dressed mood seeking attention I suppose but maybe it’s time she tries a proper dress. 

Look at her enormous head gear hahahaa.Z Lala needs to go back to her cage . 

Dailymail online suggested a DIY if you love her headgear…Hehehehehehe. Hilarious I must say ..

What happened to Rihanna,where did my fashion icon go. I totally hated her Mugler botton down brown vintage blazer dress:(

Steven Tyler Aerosmith frontman looked like he was in a clown show while Kissed by a rose singer Seal never seem to get it right . 🙁 I thought Seal was about to fly off the face of the earth in his shoulder padded coat hahahahaha 

Seal take the coat off please. 

I present to you Joe Jonas and friends what do you think? Hahahahahahaha 

Joe the fat Jew “Ostrovsky, Instagram star could have done better but I guess this is his idea of funny .

Violinist Lindsey Sterling needed to be baked some more . 

Though wearing a Stella McCarthy gown close singer Tove lo ,looked too orange and confusing . 

Let me introduce you to Kylie Jenners twin sister Lauren Giraldo …:) 

Empire’s Serayah McNielli has found her best style she is home . 

Say your opinions guys or forever be quite …ahahahaahahhaha 

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