Lekan Shonde finally in custody!

Alleged wife killer Lekan Shonde finally in police custody amid rifling tumors , hear says and threats of Sucide.According to instabog9ja his friends convinced him to give himself up . 

In all this Lekan claims he never hurt his wife . Even has the gut to threaten Sucide, if he wanted to kill himself he should have done it without telling anyone ,the same way he quietly killed Ronke then disappeared. Another reason which makes me believe ,Lekan certainly suffers from BIPOLAR DISEASE ,is the fact that he keeps claiming he is a good person and didn’t touch her . Good people don’t kill other people . Good people are patient and keep their anger in check . 

Below is an except from instabog9ja  on Lekan’s arrest . 

I sincerely hope this doesn’t get swept under the carpet , it’s irrelevant whether Ronke Shonde cheated on her husband, there’s a divorce court . She cheats divorce her ,take the children away not push her down the stairs and leave her there to die .The poor woman most have died an agonizing death knowing that her final breath was taken while her supposed love was responsible for her end . Crying ! 

#violentmen #justiceforronke 


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