Alleged wife killer Lekan Shonde speaks from hiding .

First if your remember guys Lekan Shonde allegedly killed his young wife of eight years Ronke Bewaji Shonde and left his 6 and 4 year old kids locked in with her dead body . 

According to , Lekan spoke to them from hiding via telephone  . Here’s what he had to say , first Lekan claimed his wife Ronke is cheating on him ,then provoked him by describing vividly her sexual encounter with her lover to him after she spend a whole weekend with him .

Lekan claims he regrets marrying Ronke , well too late you already killed her . You could have left her instead but you beat and finally snuffed her life out .

Lekan also claims that he has been a constant provider for his wife and that she has never contributed to the family living even while she was gainfully employed as a marketer at GTB. According to him Ronke lost her job 3 years before her death but later started working for her uncles publishing house .

Then Ronke changed in March into someone he does not recognize, for an abuser I would interpret that to mean she started challenging him . Yes abusers can’t take it when you stand on your two feet . You must always be meek . 

Finally fast forward to Ronkes brutal demise . Lekan claims she got back from a weekend trip with her lover , not knowing he was home , was on phone with the lover , ofcuz dirty fun  story flying between them which Lekan heard and got mad ,then asked Ronke to leave the house but she refused . Well if Ronke  refused ,why did you Lekan not leave to calm down ? You were obviously the dangerous one and the kids need their mum more than they need you .

Another accusation was that Ronke had refused him sex for three months too and that made him angry after that argued about money . 

Okay to end the he say , Lekan has denied killing his wife and is even contacted her family and claims he is a good and kind hearted man though his not a saint , he doesn’t smoke nor drink . 

Here are his exact words 

“Although I am not a saint, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I am a responsible man. The problem with my wife was that she was temperamental. She shouted at me whenever she talked.
“I am a Lagos boy and I can be in this Lagos for the next 30 years and nobody would see me.”

Wonders shall never seize !!😳😳😳😳

Abusers are also very active liars and can be bipolar! So I am not baffled by Lekan Shonde’s behavior and flippancy.  

RIPP Ronke Shonde ! 

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3 thoughts on “Alleged wife killer Lekan Shonde speaks from hiding .

  1. hmmmm. so she was adulterous and abusive and all the evils…and so on and so on.
    and you cant just get up and divorce her? even the Holy Book, The Bible accepts divorce for adultery. Then, you didn’t want to kill her, but then you ‘accidentally’ pushed her, she fell on her back, you left her there , she didnt come to your room all night, you didnt here from her, you woke up in the morning, still without seeing or hearing from or of her, and left for work…well done, am clapping o! elemi esu omo/oko buruku.

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