101 years old Italian woman gives birth to a healthy 9 pound baby. 

OMG ! If this is to be believed ,hprtv has reported that a 101 year old Italian woman Anatolia Vertadella has given birth to a healthy 9 Ibs baby boy . This happened due to a very controversial ovarian transplant which has been vehemently  criticized by many medical professionals because of the very advanced age of Anatolia . 

This surgical transplant procedure  is said to be illegal and can only be performed in  country’s where European laws against ovarian transplant do not  apply . Such country I suppose is Turkey which is where it was performed in a private clinic .

The new bundle of joy was named Francesco and is the 17 child of great grandma Anatolia Vertadella . This story  should be in the Guinness book of record if it’s indeed true . 

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