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Gabrielle Union styling it up with hubby ! 

Wow this is Gabrielle Union and her hubby twinning and looking absolutely takeaway.

 Yes what are your thought ? 

I love their love:) 

Poor Gorilla killed but little boy’s life saved after he fail into Gorilla enclosure.

What a nightmare a 4 year old little boy crawled into the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical garden exhibit this weekend and almost got killed by Harambe the gorilla,unfortunately the poor 17 year old Gorilla had to be shot dead to save the little boy’s life.
What happened is that as the boy crawled into the enclosure he fell about 10 feet into the shallow moat ,then the agitated gorilla grabbed and dragged him around for a bit like a sack of potatoes,the child himself screaming for help while his mum kept screaming ” mummy is here honey I love you” its intention not quite clear. Zoo officials  had  to make a drastic decision,concluding the little boy was in danger then shot the Gorilla.

After the animal got killed ,the boy was rushed to a children Hospital for treatment and according  to news release,his name wasn’t included . He is now safe and resting .

The boys parent released a statement and innit stated they are not giving interviews. Very smart decision I must say . 

They thanked zoo workers for their quick action and also confirmed their son is safe “He is home and doing just fine,” the statement read. “We know that this was a very difficult decision for them [Cincinnati Zoo staff], and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla.”

 Gorillas are very dangerous animals and it would have been horrible to watch him crush the boy . Thank God his name was kept out of the media ,you never know which crazy might go after the little boy just because the Gorilla was put down.
Rest in perfect peace Harambe ..( gorilla ) 

I think shooting the animal was the best they could do have done considering the circumstances, how did the boy get away from his parents ? How careless could they have been to let this happen ?

Guys animal lovers are devastated by the gorillas death though.What do you all thing? 

The horrible case of racial rape in Idaho USA  ! 

 Three high school football players John Howard 18 ,Tanner Ward 17 and another teammate 16 have allegedly sexually attacked a black 18 year old teammate who has a learning disability in the school locker room with a coat hanger . Report says that the three boys allegedly knocked him down then attacked him with the hanger .

John Howard 
Tanner Ward 
John Howard 18 was the lead attacker while his friends kept kicking the hanger in .This horrible incident occurred in the Dietrich high school Idaho USA.

Dietrich high school Idaho,USA 

OMG how wicked can some teenagers be? They not only attacked him they humiliated the poor victim. I hope he gets all the help he needs ,so sad that anyone would want to physically abuse their own teammate like this .The black boy is said to be the only black boy playing in the Dietrich high school football team Idaho.So what ? Is it a crime to be black ? 
Lawsuit which has been filed in court by the victims family says that it’s not the first time the black boy has been attacked and even though his constantly reported to the school authorities no one helped him . He was left to keep suffering ,included in the $10 million lawsuit filed against the school and 11 staffs the sad incident occurred last October.Sometimes he was subjected to different racial slurs like watermelon,chicken eater ,nigger ,and many more unprintable names .He was also beaten unconscious by Howard at a camp which was supposed to toughen them while their adult football coaches watched onwithout intervening ,the he was told to strip down in the school bus and his pictures taken ,sexually humped on pretending anal sex during practice .

I just can’t this is too sad and heartbreaking.

Furthermore if the family knew this was going on why did they not pull him out of this miserable obviously racist school? 

Guys what you think of such wickedness?

Meet the world tallest Virgin Alicia Jay . 

 Hey guys meet the world tallest Virgin.Yes so she claims.

 35 years old Alicia Jay claims to be a virgin and has since decided she wasn’t having sex until she gets married . Mind you Alicia is 6’6″
Alicia Jay is a style blogger and an NBA game experience manager from Oakland ,speaking about her life to she said being a virgin at the age of 35 and an impressive height of 6 foot 6 inches hasn’t been easy even though she truly feels beautiful and has great confidence in herself . She further said that while growing up she was teased nonstop about her height and bullied .

Alicia’s  blog style was conceived from her frustration in finding the right clothes for herself considering her height, seriously I thought only big girls have that problem .😳

“Being a virgin today is a beautiful thing says Alicia but it’s hard ,people have a misconception that we are not exciting people ” 
Alicia believes she will someday find the right man though…and we will you luck . There is absolutely nothing wrong with being 6’6″ tall or a virgin .

Guys what do you think about Alicia being a vigin would you date a 35 year old 6foot 6″ virgin ??? 
If I was a man I will. She is gorgeous I think…

Adele makes history,breaking boundaries that has never been broken  ! 

 Yet she can’t twerk ! Now who is the clown that said big girls don’t rule? Wow ! 

Reportedly Adele has signed a $130 million contract with her record label.Guys this has been reported to be the  biggest deal ever signed by a female artist . 

Adele keeps breaking records even though ,she isn’t skinny like her other counterparts , she can’t twerk like Rihanna , she dresses like a classic, elegant old lady ,no boobs poping out ,yet my goodness , she has broken so many records .Oh before I forget she is also a mum.The strength of a woman !

Whoever said showbiz is not for plumpy big girls or women is a liar . Adele has got it all and she’d itwithoutgoibg naked !

Happy anniversary to Kim &Kanye . 730days ! 

Wow where did time go? Can’t  believe it’s already two years since Kim Kardashaian and Kanye West got married. Okay over 733 days to be exact counting today .

Remember Kim and Kris Humfries were married for only 72 days .Kim has now surpassed her own record and proofed all haters wrong . Hahahahaaha

Kim and Kanye have come along way see pictures of some of the amazing memories they’ve made together . 

 Congratulations again Kim and Kanye . Hope you celebrate many more years to come . 

Jennifer Aniston’s mum Nancy Dow passes at 79 

Our heartfelt condolences to Jennifer Aniston who just issued a statement to ENews  of the sad passing of her mother. She said “It is with great sadness that my brother John and I announce the passing of our mother Nancy Dow. She was 79 years old and passed peacefully surrounded by family and friends after enduring a long illness.””We ask that our family’s privacy be respected as we grieve our loss.”
Nancy Dow was married to Jennifer’s father from 1965 to 1980 . 

May her soul rest in peace . 

Toyin Aimakhu finally breaks the Jinx .😳

 The movie star Toyin Aimakhu shared a hot picture of herself on IG ,looking gorgeous girl . But what’s the caption about? 

Toyin common what jinx did you break please let me in! I want to know and who wants to talk ? I hope it ain’t one of your haters…:) 

My girl is beautiful and I must confess rock hard ,looks like she’s been exercising banging body and fast becoming a voice to be reckoned with in the Nigerian movie industry . 

Billboard award 2016  worst dressed celebrities.😳😬😀.

Z Lala was again at her signature worst dressed mood seeking attention I suppose but maybe it’s time she tries a proper dress. 

Look at her enormous head gear hahahaa.Z Lala needs to go back to her cage . 

Dailymail online suggested a DIY if you love her headgear…Hehehehehehe. Hilarious I must say ..

What happened to Rihanna,where did my fashion icon go. I totally hated her Mugler botton down brown vintage blazer dress:(

Steven Tyler Aerosmith frontman looked like he was in a clown show while Kissed by a rose singer Seal never seem to get it right . 🙁 I thought Seal was about to fly off the face of the earth in his shoulder padded coat hahahahaha 

Seal take the coat off please. 

I present to you Joe Jonas and friends what do you think? Hahahahahahaha 

Joe the fat Jew “Ostrovsky, Instagram star could have done better but I guess this is his idea of funny .

Violinist Lindsey Sterling needed to be baked some more . 

Though wearing a Stella McCarthy gown close singer Tove lo ,looked too orange and confusing . 

Let me introduce you to Kylie Jenners twin sister Lauren Giraldo …:) 

Empire’s Serayah McNielli has found her best style she is home . 

Say your opinions guys or forever be quite …ahahahaahahhaha 

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It’s Mariah Carey’s turn for Nipple display .

So is this becoming a trend or what ? After a romantic dinner with her billionaire fiancé, can’t tell if Mariah was drunk or not but according to the picture, its fair to assume she was drunk cause she promptly fell into her friends car and was photographed with bruised kneel and nipple showing . 


The famous song  bird looked gorgeous in black lingerie style dress with a laced up front detailing and finished it up with a laced up super high stilettos shoes . She and fiancé looked completely in love ,see the total PDA going on all through the walk. Although I think the diva didn’t intentionally expose her nipple, must be the alcohol in her royal system hahahaahaa

Looks like our gorgeous diva is trying her best to cover up her nipples …geez why even wear the dress if you ain’t comfortable in it? What happened to Mariahs kneels? Did she fall down ? Guys what do you all think about this latest nipple display ? Comment your opinion it matters .