Teebillz323 attempts sucide and melts down on Instagram .

Initially everyone thought someone had hacked @teebillz323 ( Tunji Balogun ) Tiwa Savages husband IG account after he posted what was later realized to be a sucide note on his personal IG . In the meltdown he accused Tiwa of cheating on him with 3 men in the Nigerian music industry , Don Jazzy , Dr Sid , Tuface Idibia and her mother of witch craft and more see for yourself .

Just to remind you folks Tunji Balogun and Tiwa Savage Nigerian sweetheart and award winning singing sensation got married two years ago in a high society and extravagant wedding both traditionally,legally and also white wedding .Before then he was her manager and that ended about two months ago as reported . Since their marriage rumors  have been swirling around about physical abuse and cheatation on Tee Billz side but no confirmation . 

Then until Thursday when he attempted sucide and accused her of cheating in a disgraceful Instagram rant which was later deleted.We all were in the dark . Now he is claiming to have been hacked how convenient! Rubbish you were not hacked you just regretted your actions . 

Yes with money we all look better so what if Tiwa looked like this when you first met her ?  

Then he wrote about his dad . I feel bad for you Tunji but how does this concern Tiwa your wife?

Then he went back to cursing Tiwa . He must really hate her .To me this is such a shame ! He even claimed Tiwa has been mentally torturing him. How? For been a star ? 

Then the accusations of infidelity and name calling .

Teebillz323 claimed his wife was fu*king with Tuface Idibia but at the same time thanks Anniidibia for her kindness cooking for him when Tiwa refuses her wifely duties 😳 Seriously? 

Finally he ended the crazy rant by asking forgiveness from everyone and God.Writing he is ending his own life or about to . 

This is so disappointing and dispeakable. No ones life is perfect , why air your dirty laundry  on the Internet . Teebillz323 did you not know that anything online never goes away ? Yes you have totally broken the Carmels back ! This is so sad and tragic but on the other hand it’s good for my business as a gossiper . Now you gave us something to talk about unless this is a genius publicity stunt because Tiwa just realized her song ” if I start to talk ”

Is it? 

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