The beautiful land initiative NGO for the land of Israel ..

The beautiful land initiative is a non-profit organization  founded by two young Israeli Americans , Jordan Marcellino  and Joshua Aaron in 2015  . Their mission statement is to ” PICKUP LITTER ” ,it is a simple vision isn’t it , until you are involved with picking up other people’s rubbish ,the great news is that nothing will stop them from their goal and no one pays them to do this absolutely disgusting job .They are on a mission to keep the Galili and Israel clean.

Youths with big hearts and a sense of duty from different nations join hands to keep the environment clean and livable everyday through this initiative.

Come to think of it ,It’s the Passover holiday and it seems as usual holiday makers are on a mission to destroy the environment with their rubbish . How dispeakable! Each year and on each celebration thousands of Israeli citizens come to the Galili to visit the historic city of Tiberias and enjoy the beaches  but what they leave behind is absolutely disgusting …and unthinkable . How much dirt can we humans accumulate The gabbage is what we the Israelis call ( גועל נפש ) just disgusting!  I have a picture by Tvika Ben Tzion Mzrachi of Tiberias now the tourist are leaving . Tiberias is left in a dirty shamble ,gabbage everywhere and the Beautiful  land initiative ,I am positive are going to jump into action . 

This is how the beaches of Tiberias look as I write 🙁

Follow the beautiful land initiative on Facebook to see the amazing work they are doing .Here are pictures from some of their past contributions to keep Tiberias and the surrounding Galili clean. 

Please find it in your heart to donate to them so they can reach bigger goals .Click on this link below wherever you are in the world to support the youths of

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