Dabota Lawson woke up like this N3 million access bank alert  …

Dabota Lawson ex beauty queen and yes wife of billionaire Sunny Aku posted her N3 million access bank alert and the Internet went crazy including me . I felt that was insensitive but seeing her latest post, now kinda makes a lot of sense . Dabota has now reacted to our judgemental criticism.  People will never celebrate you when you post something educating ,teaching or even advertising your business but the minute you post something personal . We are here to judge . 

The goddess herself Dabota Lawson
Here’s the alert that caused the uproar.

Now here’s

Dabota’s come back after we all started judging:) 

That sort made sense though I don’t completely agree with her but she is definitely right!  

I still think Dabota was insensitive posting that but I do understand her point exactly . Anyway crazy posts are good for  publicity…that’s how I found her . She is gorgeous and also a talented  business woman not just a billionaire wife . She’s made a name for herself too. 

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