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Tiwa Savage responds to Teebillz infidelity accusations .

After the horrible Instagram rant by Tunji Balogun AKA @teebillz323 who is husband for 2 years to Tiwa Savage award winning songstress and superstar, he left her no choice but to come clean by giving an emotionally charged exclusive interview to Pulse Tv . Hear it from her own lips . please click on this video to hear it all yourself . 

I sat down and watched Tiwa Savages interview till the end and I totally agree with her . She said what happened broke the Carmels back and has given her the opportunity to end it meaning her marriage .I think that’s a very wise decision . 

Tiwa bears responsibility for any wrong doing and is not claiming to be perfect like her husband is claiming, she even apologized to him, I could just see the pain in her tears and I feel her . Cheating ,drug abuse ,debt but yet she stayed.I don’t know if Teebillz expected Tiwa to behind bank forever , he got paid for his work so what’s the brouhaha about exactly? 

Divorce is there for a reason if it isn’t working out end it and don’t make each miserable. 

Tiwa you are strong ! 


Teebillz323 attempts sucide and melts down on Instagram .

Initially everyone thought someone had hacked @teebillz323 ( Tunji Balogun ) Tiwa Savages husband IG account after he posted what was later realized to be a sucide note on his personal IG . In the meltdown he accused Tiwa of cheating on him with 3 men in the Nigerian music industry , Don Jazzy , Dr Sid , Tuface Idibia and her mother of witch craft and more see for yourself .

Just to remind you folks Tunji Balogun and Tiwa Savage Nigerian sweetheart and award winning singing sensation got married two years ago in a high society and extravagant wedding both traditionally,legally and also white wedding .Before then he was her manager and that ended about two months ago as reported . Since their marriage rumors  have been swirling around about physical abuse and cheatation on Tee Billz side but no confirmation . 

Then until Thursday when he attempted sucide and accused her of cheating in a disgraceful Instagram rant which was later deleted.We all were in the dark . Now he is claiming to have been hacked how convenient! Rubbish you were not hacked you just regretted your actions . 

Yes with money we all look better so what if Tiwa looked like this when you first met her ?  

Then he wrote about his dad . I feel bad for you Tunji but how does this concern Tiwa your wife?

Then he went back to cursing Tiwa . He must really hate her .To me this is such a shame ! He even claimed Tiwa has been mentally torturing him. How? For been a star ? 

Then the accusations of infidelity and name calling .

Teebillz323 claimed his wife was fu*king with Tuface Idibia but at the same time thanks Anniidibia for her kindness cooking for him when Tiwa refuses her wifely duties 😳 Seriously? 

Finally he ended the crazy rant by asking forgiveness from everyone and God.Writing he is ending his own life or about to . 

This is so disappointing and dispeakable. No ones life is perfect , why air your dirty laundry  on the Internet . Teebillz323 did you not know that anything online never goes away ? Yes you have totally broken the Carmels back ! This is so sad and tragic but on the other hand it’s good for my business as a gossiper . Now you gave us something to talk about unless this is a genius publicity stunt because Tiwa just realized her song ” if I start to talk ”

Is it? 

Annie Idibia Yummy mummy celebrates her children .

Oh yes she is ! @annieidibia1 posted this adorable photoshoot with her beautiful little soldiers…celebrating her children on her IG social media account.

Annie says she can’t believe they are her baby’s …I know what you mean Annie.They grow up so fast …..


Yves Michel Fotso receives another jail time for embezzling $56 million.

Cameroun airline former chief executive Yves Michel Fotso who is already serving a 25 years jail sentence since 2012  has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a judge in Cameroun for embezzling $56 million while he was in charge of the airline  from the 2000 to 2003 .

Yves Michel Fotso

From frying pan to fire ! I wonder how he is feeling now ?

The beautiful land initiative NGO for the land of Israel ..

The beautiful land initiative is a non-profit organization  founded by two young Israeli Americans , Jordan Marcellino  and Joshua Aaron in 2015  . Their mission statement is to ” PICKUP LITTER ” ,it is a simple vision isn’t it , until you are involved with picking up other people’s rubbish ,the great news is that nothing will stop them from their goal and no one pays them to do this absolutely disgusting job .They are on a mission to keep the Galili and Israel clean.

Youths with big hearts and a sense of duty from different nations join hands to keep the environment clean and livable everyday through this initiative.

Come to think of it ,It’s the Passover holiday and it seems as usual holiday makers are on a mission to destroy the environment with their rubbish . How dispeakable! Each year and on each celebration thousands of Israeli citizens come to the Galili to visit the historic city of Tiberias and enjoy the beaches  but what they leave behind is absolutely disgusting …and unthinkable . How much dirt can we humans accumulate The gabbage is what we the Israelis call ( גועל נפש ) just disgusting!  I have a picture by Tvika Ben Tzion Mzrachi of Tiberias now the tourist are leaving . Tiberias is left in a dirty shamble ,gabbage everywhere and the Beautiful  land initiative ,I am positive are going to jump into action . 

This is how the beaches of Tiberias look as I write 🙁

Follow the beautiful land initiative on Facebook to see the amazing work they are doing .Here are pictures from some of their past contributions to keep Tiberias and the surrounding Galili clean. 

Please find it in your heart to donate to them so they can reach bigger goals .Click on this link below wherever you are in the world to support the youths of

African king of rhumba dance Papa Wemba dies at age 66 on stage.

Papa Wemba, may your rhumba soul rest in perfect peace. Thank you for the beauty you shared in your music and dance . You will definitely be missed! 

Papa Wemba 66 year old Congolese star collapsed while performing on stage at the FEMUA 2016 festival in Abidgan and died , a video shows dancers continuing to dance without even been aware he had collapsed. This is so tragic . 

Papa Wemba ( born Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba )is  a voice to reckon in the Afriacn music industry. One of the most affluent and flamboyant musician in Africa ,an icon in his own right and a world music star  .He is known to be the pioneer of the African Rhumba rock ,music and dance and combined it with western style to bring out a unique rock style. He is a legend , another great one has been lost here. 

Here’s a video of the actual tragic event from Facebook .

Our condolences to his family !

Rest in perfect ! 

Dabota Lawson woke up like this N3 million access bank alert  …

Dabota Lawson ex beauty queen and yes wife of billionaire Sunny Aku posted her N3 million access bank alert and the Internet went crazy including me . I felt that was insensitive but seeing her latest post, now kinda makes a lot of sense . Dabota has now reacted to our judgemental criticism.  People will never celebrate you when you post something educating ,teaching or even advertising your business but the minute you post something personal . We are here to judge . 

The goddess herself Dabota Lawson
Here’s the alert that caused the uproar.

Now here’s

Dabota’s come back after we all started judging:) 

That sort made sense though I don’t completely agree with her but she is definitely right!  

I still think Dabota was insensitive posting that but I do understand her point exactly . Anyway crazy posts are good for  publicity…that’s how I found her . She is gorgeous and also a talented  business woman not just a billionaire wife . She’s made a name for herself too. 

Denrele Edun vs Ebuka lip sync battle Africa. 

Tune in to my favorite person and the very flamboyant tv personality @denrele_edun lip sync battle Africa on mtvbaseafrica . Denrele is going head to head or should I say lip to lip with one of our very own TV hunk Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the highly anticipated and recommended reality tv Lip Sync contest Africa on MtvBaseWestAfrica premiering on the 30 of April 2016 on DSTV channel 322 . Now you got the details.You better tune in. It’s going to be epic yes @denrele_edun is there.

It’s going to be a show stopper and you can’t afford to miss it . 

Guess what it’s going to be hosted by the very beautiful South African actress and tv presenter Pearl Thusi ,beautiful name and of cause our very own hunk and super star the KoKo master D’Banji. Woahhhh…

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend congratulations..

Six days ago super model Chrissy Teigen and Oscar winning hubby John Legend won another award but this time around a joint Oscar. Yes they welcomed their absolutely gorgeous little girl Luna Simone Stephens . I love her name Luna ,sounds very exotic . 

Congratulations to the new mum and dad ..Chrissy is totally slaying in all her picture poses with her little angel .. See for yourself . 


The adorable announcement.Chrissy slaying and enjoying motherhood …..❤️
Luna is a copy of her famous day wow! 

Prince music legend and icon dies at 57 ! Major  Heart break! 

Yesterday brought the shocking news of Prince dead at age 57 ,born Prince Rogers Nelson , breathtaking musical, super star,legend and a music icon . He won 7 Grammy awards but Prince didn’t have any children.

The greatest musicals of the eighties you can’t help but notice ,were three legendary and iconic ones ,they include Madonna,Michael Jackson and Prince .

Prince was a little man but was larger than life itself . He excelled at everything he touched , his music was everything,he did pop ,rock, funk and jazz,he did it all and sold over 100 million records during his career  with or without controversy , He was also legend on the music instruments, guitar, piano and more .

  Then yesterday his publicist announced he had died . No details yet on what happened just that he was unresponsive in an elavator at his his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Chanhassen, Minnesota  . Paramedics were called but they couldn’t resuscitate him,he was taken to hospital were he was pronounced dead .Prince was treated for a drug overdose just six days before he died.

Major outbreak of grieve by fans has been pouring out . His music Purple rain has inspired a purple color tribute from different outlets . 

My condolences to his dear  family.

He is survived by his mother , siblings ,numerous nieces and nephews. 

Another great one gone to soon!

Prince thank you for the music ,thank you for the joy you brought to our homes. 

You are now an angel shine on !

Rest in perfect peace !