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Rihanna releases new video ” kiss it better ” 

Billboards announced yesterday .  

Another hit in the making ! 

True Word 

 Seriously !!! How well do you know someone you are sleeping with ?  

Kidnapped Nigerian Colonel Samaila Inusa finally laid to rest. 

If you are just tuning in , then  a little update , Col. Samaila Inusa of the Nigerian Army was kidnapped by some unidentified  gunmen in Kaduna state on March 27th 2016 , he wasn’t found till Tuesday near Ajyaita village by the Eastern bypass ,Kaduna State and it was already too late . The army says he must have been killed immediately due to the decomposing state of his remains .

  Colonel Samaila was laid to rest earlier today .



May his soul rest in perfect peace and our condolences to his dear family . As for the kidnappers the Nigerian army has promised severe and unforgiving punishment when caught. 

Jeffery Wenninger sues Elton John for sexual harassment.

Elton John’s former security guard who worked with him in 2014 has sued him for sexual bat­tery and har­ass­ment. 

  His lawyer declares the law suit “base­less” and “pat­ently false.”

Elton John might be in for a very dirty fight because the security guard Jeffery is LA Police Department Medal of Valor recipient and worked many years as off-duty security guard for him. Such a man is no doubt a man of integrity I should imagine . See the suit filed below .  

   Good luck reading the above 😳 – 
Having said that everyone is innocent until proven guilty . Good luck to both of them . 

Kim Kardashian goes topless again but it’s a dual with Model Emily .


Kim Kardashian is at it again,but hey this time around she did it dual by going topless with model friend Emily Ratajkowski in another mirror selfie . Both gorgeous in their own rights , the dual partner in crime both wore blue jeans but left the top part nude with a sensor line of cause …

The caption was quite funny though, loved it .. Each posted on their individual IG pages ,Emily captioned hers ” we are both more than just our bodies ,but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality #librated 


Kim Kardashian captioned hers ” when we’re like …we both have nothing to wear LOL ”  


  I think it’s time people stop hating on Kim . She is a highly intelligent money making machine and definitely knows how to keep us at the edge of our nosey sits . #KimRules 

Love bugs channeling their Kanye/Amberrose ass grab ! 

Well this young love bugs tried channeling their most attention grabbing Kanye West /first Amberrose ass grab which later migrated to his now wife KimK …this is what they came up with .

I wonder what happened with the pad though !  


 Na wa ooooo😳

Criminals Caught with serious ammunitions . 

There are different version of who these criminals are online . Some say they are Muslim extremists, some say they are pretend pastors ,while some say they are just down right criminals . The truth of the whole horror is yes they are criminals whatever kind you qualify them fits  in my opinion. 





They were caught by the Nigerian army with guns and serious ammunitions on their way from the Northern part of Nigeria to Ondo state which is the Western part to destroy who, no one really knows , they had all sorts of guns, rifles and grenades. The most important part of this story is that they were caught and I hope the Nigerian police will deal with them accordingly.  

This little angel’s selfie goes viral .

Hahaabahaha we are all in the same shoes all dieing for selfies and selfish … 

Just look at this little angel who took a selfie and it went viral . Hahahaha she must have learned this serious posing from her mum right? 🙂 so adorable . 

Picture from instablog9ja. 

Ivanka Trump welcomes new baby boy . 

Ivanka Trump , just gave birth to her third child a boy named Theaodore James  on Sunday , just hours after Ivanka and husband Jared was photographed on their way to Easter breakfast in New Tork city .  

 Ivanka looks gorgeous as always . 

   The young couple with their two other children together . 

The Kardashian Easter Party 

Here are some pictures from Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian snapchat .

 Tyga and Kanye suited up as Easter bunnies so cut .  

   Little North could tell who daddy was even in a bunny suit …when her mum Kim asked her . 🙂  

 yes the love birds Kylie & Tyga  

Sisterly love from Kylie and Khourtney  

   pictures of the bunnies and kids 

 Khloe and Kylie posing for snapchat.








  Lamar Odom ,Khloe soon to be ex.. was in attendance. 

 Happy Easter to the Kardashains/Jenners, a very exciting family ,they keep us busy 🙂