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Titi says if she was white,she would be treated differently.

אני מסכימה לחלוטין עם טיטי והיא צודקת! Titi is originally Ethiopian and I totally agree with her ,she won the 2013 Miss Israel contest  !


She was the first black girl to ever win a beauty contest in Israel but if she was white like she said ,she would have received better job offers,promotions and be treated differently . Black models hardly get jobs in Israel . The industry is not an easy one as we all know .



You can get a feeler job as extras but being the main campaign girl you have to work through the eyes of a needle ..My daughter is a model and I see the pattern! She is an absolutely gorgeous girl but we are still waiting to see her get that main lead job as a model . In Israel one girl remains the super model for years with no much competition . Every other girl especially the black girls are just mere extra’s . If this isn’t true I want the modeling agencies to defend themselves ! 

Titi got a break because she won a beauty contest and in her own opinion she still isn’t getting the right treatment I get it , which brings me to the question what about all the other black models ????

My daughter participated in the 2014 most beautiful girl beauty pageant and was eliminated at the last twenty girls stage . Before that we were sent to see a modeling agent in Tel  aviv and the lady agent practically told her to her face that because of her skin color it is very difficult to get a job for her and she isn’t willing to take the risk of taking her ,I was there and witnessed the whole conversation, another thing she said that made me mad was that if my daughter was white she wouldn’t have minded that she wasn’t 5:83 ” tall . 

I could feel the pain and  disappointment in my girls  face but she stayed brave and did not cry .

Israel is supposed to be one of the most diversified country’s in the world with immigrants from different paths of the globe. Although Titi winning the 2013 beauty  contest opened doors for more black models ,the  modeling world here does have a long way to go .

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Click on this link to see Titi’s Photoshoot for pplus cover and interview

Cynthia Morgan pens heart reaching letters to PSquare her childhood mentors ! 

Wow that wonderful gorgeous girl and singer Cynthia Morgan just wrote an open letter to PSquare and i am in support .  

PSquare please stop the fighting and go back to the studio . Don’t ruin it for us . You are our super stars !Please don’t break up !

Okay here are the open letters Cynthia Morgan penned to her mentors PSquare on Instagram.






I am with Cynthia Morgan on this one ….

Cynthia I love you young lady .Fan for life!

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Horror as robbers attack Fidelity bank guns blazing.

Heavily armed Robbers have attacked Fudelity bank on Tombia st. GRA phase 1. early Wednesday evening at about 18:00pm using dynamite explosives on the security doors which refused to budge , then they  went through the back entrance where they got in .

Witnesses who were present stated that it went on for  exactly 45 minutes and during that time the police were no where to be found until the armed robbers finished operating  . Bullets flew everywhere,into the adjoining compounds around Fidelity bank . A cook who works in Genesis Deluxe bar and cinema complex was hit by a tray bullet right in the kitchen  .Two of the fidelity bank staff were shot one on the feet and another on the arm. As at this time we do not know if they are  in critical condition or not . 

  Eye witness accounts say the robbers made away with three big bags of Ghana must go filled with money .

Will keep you all updated when I know more ..

Ay Makun’s wife has moved out of their home .

Stella Dimokokorkus  has reported that Ay Makun Nigerian comedian,actor and presenters wife Mabel Makun has moved out of their matrimonial home and carried out all the carriable with the biggest moving van  and the house is now under lock down . These two have been married for 12 years . So sad I hope they get it together though. 


Ay Makun and wife Mabel Makun

What could have happened,the  blogger wrote on her blog that she has chosen not to share all the dirty details of the split which she has first hand information on from an insider of the Ay Makun camp. …Haba why now ? If you are reporting exclusively then Biko spread the news why are you keeping us hungry? Anyway if you don’t someone else will. 

Ay Makun is said to be very disturbed by this news and has clapped back on stelladimokokorkus for spreading this news ,below is his post on Instagram concerning the story even though he didn’t mention Stella ,we can all see where his going with it right? 


Ah So Ay Makun ,does this mean you are denying that your wife has moved out ? If so we want proof so we can call the other party out . Why did your wife remove your name from her Instagram bio? 

Oh she has even deleted the said account amid all the rumors!!!

Kindly help us understand ! Oh gosh I know we are nosey ! Well what can I say , if you put it out there we will catch it one way or the other . 

MonaLisa Chinda’s star studded traditional wedding .

Yes gorgeous Nollywood actress MonaLisa Chinda is finally off the market for the second time ,sorry guys 🙂  Her first marriage to Dejo Richards broke up a while back. Not many people are this blessed believe me . 

This time she got  hitched to her beau Victor Tonye Coker in her home town in Port Harcourt, River state . The event was graced by the movie industries most sort after celebraties,politicians and more.The likes of Ibinabo Feberesima, Jim Ik, Dumo Lulu-Briggs ,Oge  Okoye and many many more …just to mention a very few.

Here are some pictures from the happy and star studded event .


Photos credit :Ibinabo Feberesima 

Congratulations to our gorgeous princess MonaLisa and hubby Tonye Coker . Happy married life . 

Ice Prince Zamani you de bleach????

Nigerian singer and song writer Iceprincezamani posted this picture on his IG page and trouble scattered! 

  His followers have accused him of bleaching 😳notice that some part of his knuckles are significantly fair while the joints are darker which according to them means his bleaching . More than ten of  his followers attacked him over the noticeable difference .

Now to make the drama more authentic his girlfriend who goes by the user name @yes_im_beautiful on IG made the mistake of trying to come to his rescue by clapping back . Well it didn’t end well one of the users/hater ripped her apart and it turned into a full blown trading of insults.

Iceprincezamani you should advice your girl to stay off social media when it comes to answering haters . There is no point . Anyway we loved the entertainment it gave us something to laugh and write about because @instablog9ja caught the whole thing …heheeheeheh 

Question: Ice Prince you de bleach ? We too wan know? Do not quote me ooo it’s just a question 🙂 and as you know we love gossip! 

See the drama below ..


Kim Kardashian finally shares Saint West photo .

In honor of her late father ,Robert Kardashian’s birthday,Kim finally shares the adorable picture of her handsome little boy … 

Now the little muffin is so cute !  

He looks so much like his gorgeous sister North West wow ! We waited too long for this …finally we have see and we love the little cute muffin ..

Wow Kanye West just shocked the world ! 

Well well well , here’s the very first time Kanye has shocked us ! TMZ reported and actually showed us footage of Kanye West breaking up a fight between two photographers? Is this real or staged ? Just saying , please don’t quote me..

We are definitely impressed by Kanye.Thank goodness wow …after all his recent crazy rants people were beginning to think Kanye has some mental issues so I am quite happy to watch this footage of his act of kindness , the hug he gave the photographer to calm him down is epic . 


Congratulations Adanna and David …

Adanna and David our very own Nigerian/German  youtube sensation welcomes their new born boy into the world .

Kian Nnamdi welcome to the world we hope you will a great dancer like your parents and bring laughter and joy to many .


Congratulations to you both .


Is Annie Idibia’s family in troubled waters ? 

Is another fight brewing in the barrel ????😳…I can’t wait !

Annie Idibia, wife to Nigerian superstar musician and singer just posted a picture of a girl she claimed is disturbing her family and then deletes it with immediate alacrity  ….hahahahaha why? Did she make a mistake or is some young something trying to crash her home? Just asking please do not quote me ! 

Here’s the evidence hehheheheheheheeh  

 well yes we are very nosey and curious, who is this chick ? And what does she want from Annie and her family ! Does Annie mean her husband ? Abeg what does she mean ? 

Someone help us out and tell us in details .

Waiting for drama to unfold 😬😬😬😬