Saudi court sentences man to 10 years imprisonment ,2000 lashes for atheist tweets. 

It’s is so sad that many middle eastern countries do not allow freedom of speech and expression .

A unnamed 28 old man has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment just for airing his believes or unbelieve about the existence of God by posting 600 hundreds of atheist tweets on Twitter and also 2000 public lashing . Gosh I hope he survives that . 

  The unfortunate man has also been fined about $5300 but the man remains unrepentant ridiculing the holy Quran.

Al-Watan online reports that the mans tweets  accused all prophets of being liars and that their teachings cause violence.

Once again he is brave but I hope he survives this unless his on a Sucide mission 

#freedomofspeech #freedom 

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