Robert Mugabe spends $1 million US dollars to celebrate his 92 birthday .

Zimbabwean dictator president Robert Mugabe who has ruled his country since 1982 wants his birthday declared a national holiday ! 😳

  His excellency Mugabe has long been declared the Moses of Africa by many of his supporting ruling party members. Thousands who wore national colors  took to the streets in Masvingo to cheer in support of his rule and birthday …talk about blindness . 

The 92 years old ruler chooses to spend $1 million on a flamboyant birthday celebration amid poverty and hunger in his country . Masvingo is actually the area in Zimbabwe most hit by poverty and suffering . Oh the party kicked off with a 92 kg birthday cake presented by his workers . 


Cake picture from

How and what his celebrating for is a shock .The country is drying out ,drought taking over the lands and a broken economy . What a shame! May God save African and Zimbabwe ! 

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