Lesbian couple Ingrid Maphefo Mashigo says yes to her fiancée Tshepo

Congratulations to Ingrid Maphefo Mashigo and Tshepo Maleka ! Oh yes Ingrid South African beauty posted pictures on her fb  captioned I SAID YES! to her long time girlfriend .In the picture her girlfriend was on one knee proposing marriage to her and in public. What a true celebration of love .


I think these young lady’s are brave in a country filled with homophobia and lesbianphobia people they dare to celebrate and show  their  love for each other .

Tshepo and Ingrid

Many friends congratulated them but there were some pretty nasty and judgmental comments too , some said “you said yes and later to hell “.Some called it a sin . 

Here are some of the negative comments on her announcement . 



  This person say the Devils power is rising .

This one was hilarious …hehehehe..


South Africa has come a long way from the apartheid days were ,there wasn’t even freedom of expression or movement for the black community. 

I say who are you to Judge them , we are in 2016 , if you can’t be happy for them then go live your own life and let God be the judge , He works in mysterious ways ! 

Once again congratulations to the two gorgeous lady’s Ingrid and Tshepo ❤️

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