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Kanye West firmly Denies He loves Ass play !Β 

After Kanye West’s shocking Twitter rant against Wiz Khalifa where he absolutely trashed Wiz  for no apparent reason just for airing his opinion about his album title change from “Swish ” to ” Waves ” 

  Kanye went as far as dragging his ex girlfriend  who is now Wiz ex wife Amber Rose  and her innocent little baby Bash into his memes.In fact he battered Wiz and his family ! It is scary that a grown man would behave like this …Kanye made history on the 26th of January 2016 and totally affirmed himself of being  a madman with no heart as everybody thinks he is once again . If I had any doubt about his behavior in the past this just nailed it for me . 

To make the story sweet after Amber Rose took charge and shot down his mad rant on Twitter by posting a shocking twitt asking Kanye if he was angry she’s no longer there to play in his asshole , at first I thought it was a joke but it obviously wasn’t because Kanye promptly deleted all of his mad Twitts and actually became nice to them by his later Twitts ….I guess he had a moment of reflection! 

Most famous twitt of all times ! 

Grab your sits ,Kanye didn’t reply nor did he immediately react to  Amber but yesterday he posted a twitt firmly denying Ambers sexual allegations . hehehehe claims he doesn’t do ass play . Too late Kanye we believe Muva ! She was your girlfriend for two years that means she knows exactly what you like …hehhehehe 

Here  are the latest Twitts  …:) 

  Seriously Kany???
 Oh please πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

 Furthermore the Feud has now moved from Twitter to real life! Allegedly Amber Rose addressed the situation on podcast . When asked if she was surprised about Kanye’s mad rant she said ” no ,because I know him ,his a f**king clown ”

Wiz Khalifa also cursed him out on stage , while he was performing his song Taylor gang in Argentina , he shouted Fu*k Kanye on live tv ! I don’t blame him. Kanye this is all your fault ! 

My final question is why can’t Kanye get over Amber Rose ??? Is he still in love with her …that’s a question I’d like an answer to . 

Wow congratulations to Tyra Banks and Erik Asla her boyfriend ,they just welcomed their baby boy into the world .

I am so happy and excited for Tyra Banks  she is finally a mother .I thought she would never take the plunge .  OMG !She and Erik Asla just welcomed their baby boy into the world via gestational surrogacy .


Tyra Bank announced via her IG page with a cute photo of a baby hat , the little mans name . She wrote  
  “The best present we worked and prayed so hard for is finally here. He’s got my fingers and big eyes and his daddy Erik’s mouth and chin. As we thank the angel of a woman that carried our miracle baby boy for us, we pray for everyone who struggles to reach this joyous milestone,” York Banks Asla, welcome to the world.”

It isn’t a secret ,Tyra Banks has been quite outspoken about having difficulties conceiving ..thank goodness for surrogacy. 

This is the best thing ever wow so happy for her …🍼🍼🍼 as this is her very first little angel with photographer boyfriend of two years ..

Congratulations to Davido !Β 

Massive congratulations to Davido ,Nigerian singing sensation , on his new contract with Sony Music Global . 

  IAMDAVIDO  took to  his IG page to announce the good news to us yesterday . He is the first African  artist to sign a global record deal with Sony Music.

Even though IAMDAVIDO posted a photo saying social media isn’t real ,he sure believes in giving us his good news through social media .

IAMDAVIDO social media can be bad but most times help us achieve goals if we know how to use it . πŸ™‚ 

Once again congratulations DAVIDO continue to shine. The haters Wei doubt you Na dem sabi ! 😊😊😊😜 

Amber Rose Gets it in with Kanye ! Hhheheehhehee

Gorgeous Amberrose saved the day by going real deep at Kanye West ! She twitted  

 hahahahaha that hurts after all she knows what she’s talking about , she definitely has been in there ..:) Kanye is her ex!:) yeeeeee

  And drove the knife in with her last twist basically calling Kanye ( Yeezy ) a coward …OMG ! 

Move over guys Amber worn the war ! 

Amberrose is my girl anyway and I don’t care if she was a stripper or not . She rocks ! I love her and serves Kanye right thinking he can embarrass her ….

OMG! Celebrities definitely make my day with their Shananigans ..😊😜😊😜😊

Β OMG!Kanye West&Wiz Khalifa Twitter war!

Was just congratulating new daddy , Kanye west on his new release and he  went and did it again ! 

Kanye went on a massive Twitter rant frying Wiz Khalifa .OMG ! Twitter is on fire ! 


After the first teaser of his album which we thought was titled Swish he now changed it to “WAVES ” that’s where trouble started Wiz twitted something 

 Then this .. 
  After that the rest is history , Kanye ripped him apart !:) read below his reply .






 Totally mad now and digging in further . 


OMG! Sometimes Kanye even became incoherent .😳

  He warned Wiz not to come near his family ..ohh Lord …  
    Then he got jealous about how Wiz looks..:)
    Kanye reached a point where he thanked Wiz for the extra promotion …well that’s what I think all this rant is about . Publicity stunt ! No matter what it takes , all Kanye cares about is his music and he would do anything possible including ripping a man and his family apart to get what he wants sad ! 

    The next rant may not make sense because Kanye suddenly became a preacher ahahahaahahaha…my goodness …he said his album is gospel too…

Wiz Khalifa replied calling him fool and told him what  KK meant and promptly told him the reason why his album isn’t wavy!;) Good one for u Wiz .:) 

   Hehehehehehe please roll your joint Kanye isn’t worth it man! 
Then Kanye had to have the last laugh he twitted …still being biblical ahahahah and remembered God 


  And the devil , I wonder which one Kanye is ? πŸ™‚ 

Very kind of Kanye he thought about Wiz loosing some followers .hehehehehehe
     Then he had a moment of truth !😳good morning Kanye .. 

OMG! What a madman and please don’t be angry Kanye when people call you mad cause this is exactly how you act! 

Kanye West drops his, calls it ” Swish ” then ” Waves “

Then madman, megastar , fashion god Kanye West released his own list , he called it ” Swish ” 

  Kanye posted his own album release with a tittle or should I say caption ” so happy to be finished with the best album of all times ” Oh Kanye I do love a man with confidence but geeeez man ! Remember pride comes before a fall ..:😳 

Oh well in this world if you don’t blow your own trumpet who’s gonna  blow it for you?

Rihanna drops new album “Anti”Β 

Rihanna Diamond star has just revealed to us on Twitter with a picture she posted that her very much anticipated  new Album ” Anti ” is finished.


She posted a picture where she was wearing a golden headphone and crown filled with Swarovski stones and captioned it “listening to Anti” this golden headphone is custom made by Dolce&Gabbana and can easily be yours for $8995 heheehehehe…
OMG ! We have all been waiting for this album which was supposed to be released last November but was prosponed according to rumor because of Adele but anyways . Rihanna never fails to surprise us , her first single from the album which she collaborated with Drake titled “work” has already reached number one in the USA within 90 minutes of it’s release and has also reached number one in thirty different countries. 

Zayn Malik former one direction star also released his album Pillowtcalk with a mouth licking photo of his abs …yessss πŸ™‚

 Congratulations to all these hard working superstars ! 

Rob Kardashian&Blac Chyna Shocking Hollywood newest couple .

Guys grab your chairs you won’t believe what I’m about to spill !😳


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna ( Angela White ) are Hollywood’s newest couple.If I say I wasn’t shocked to hear this I would be the biggest liar alive. The internet went crazy when Blac Chyna posted a black&white photo on Instagram of a tattooed hand around her and captioned it “the beginning ☘” here’s the picture from her IG page .  

As you all know tattoos can be dead giveaways,you can be found if you have a tattoo believe it or not so be careful of what you post online if you got a tattoo even if your face is missing in a picture.:)
Ok to cut a long story short , I think this is sweet and I mean that’s if we are talking about revenge ! Yes Blac Chyna was a  longtime friend of the Kardashian family until Kylie stole her baby daddy Tyga from her …:) and you also know Rod is angry at his family ok I got no proof but in my head he must be if not why is he never present at any happy family event in his family such as Kim’s wedding ? 

Well I don’t know if this is going to last , but whatever they doing ? Revenge is sweet !

Blac Chyna against Tyga and Rob against his family Hahahahahahaha there’s a useation going on here ..:) Can’t wait to read or hear what the Kardashian’s got to say about this . 

What do you all think? Will this last or is this just a publicity stunt /a journey of revenge ? 

The UN has Charged that Israel is selling wiretapping equipment to South Sudan .

The UN has reported that even though Israel stopped selling weapons to South Sudan after the civil war broke out ,it still continued to sell wiretapping equipments to them .These wiretapping equipments were used to identify government officers which promptly lead to their many arrests.


 The report was compiled by UN panel of exparts and it also says the Sudanese army were photographed armed with Israeli made ACE assault rifles which is an updated version of Israel’s Galil rifle.The report also said Israel stopped selling offensive weapons to South Sudan in early 2014 ,so these weapons were obviously purchased before the civil war  began ! 

Reports from  

Nduka Obaigbena turns himself in to EFCC.Β 

Nduka Obaignena , the producer of Thisdsy newspaper and president of the Newspaper Proprietor of Nigeria ,has turned himself in to EFCC  for questioning and is believed to be linked to the Dasuki scandal.



According to reports he allegedly received the sum of N670 million naira to generate public positive opinion during the GEJ presidential election …this is a common practice during elections to help sway voters to the right direction.

Nduka has denied the origin of the said amount of money , coming from the national security advisers office { NSA} even though he stated in a letter to the EFCC that the money was received on behalf of the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria .

Well if Nduka Obaigbena has turned himself in for questioning, surely that must mean he has nothing to hide or does he now ?