Nathan Machoma the evil brother !

 32 year old Nathan Machoma in Tanzania,Mbeya has been arrested for allegedly putting his 25 year old younger sister Neemah Machoma in a septic tank for two years allegedly for money rituals.Accurate news services Zambia reported that Nathan consulted with a witch doctor in Sumbuwanga, Tanzania in 2013 and then he lied to people that his sister was dead after throwing her down the septic tank with the instructions of the witch doctor , according to reports he instantly became rich there after. 

News also has it that he drugged his sister ,raped her for two months and mean while he reported her missing at the police station which tells you this was all premeditated . Nathan also increasingly became madder,more disgusting and was allegedly eating his sisters faeces . 

Nathan Machoma’s maid is the one who discovered Neemah in the tank after getting suspicious about her boss’s regular visits to the tank each morning before going to work. 

 The pictures below show the girl before she was put in the tank and after being rescued from the tank.Neemah is alive but malnutrition ex and mentally disturbed after the horrific ordeal she went through .


Neemah’s before she was thrown in a septic tank by her evil brother and then after she was saved .


Nathan Machoma looking healthy after his arrest .
     This is a horror story meant only for the movies .It shouldn’t have happened ! How can your flesh and blood do something this horrific to you. This poor girl will never be the same again ,kidnapped ,drugged ,rapped and tortured by her own brother ! 

In my opinion Nathan Machoma is a psychopath and if the police dig deeper will find out more horrific secrets about him!  Just think of the people we don’t know of or the ones who were never found out , oh my God even worse the people we pass on the streets who are capable of doing things of such unimaginable evil ! 

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