Shocking dress Irit Rahamim wore for her sons bar mitzvah.

Irit Rahaamim famous Israeli event planner celebrated her sons 13 birthday on Sunday at the David International Hotel Tel aviv . It was a grand event , as reported by Guy Pinas Israel showman ,if you can imagine grand please do . Irit pulled every button you can imagine ,spent thousands if not a million shekels for her son. Now what caused an uproar wasn’t the young celebrant .It was Irit’s dress.

Among the three dresses she came out with ,Irit stole her sons night by wearing an outrageously almost naked dress with multiple slits up to her privates .Just an inch more and all would have been in the open .

  People attacked her on social media, some said ” a little bit of modesty at your own sons party would have gone a long way ” another person wrote it’s not pornography ,”


Irit and her two adorable sons .

here she is dancing the night away at her sons bar mitzvah

 I have absolutely no problem with  this dress if she wore it to another event but for her sons bar mitzvah, it was in my opinion inappropriate. Irit is a beautiful and very attractive woman but we want to see beauty ,elegance and class not a mama showing her tastus especially at her sons bar mitzvah. It’s allowed to be sexy even if you are over Fourty of cause ..

Irit says her sons were very happy with her assemble and also says no one saw nothing ,the attacks are just from haters and no one can tell her what to do .Who wrote what should be normal and what shouldn’t? I like that .Anyway she had fun and danced away the night happily .

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