The latest cosmetics sensation is Nigerian born Florence Adepoju Living In the UK . 

Florence Adepoju 24 year old Nigerian born living in the Uk is the founder of MDMFLOW , latest cosmetics sensation in the world of beauty . 

  The young entrepreneur spent most of her undergraduate life working in retail luxury beauty products while studying.She graduated with a BSc degree in cosmetology from the College of Fashion London in 2013 .

After graduating Florence decided to create her own cosmetics brand which had always been her dream .According to her the brand uses gold bullet and bold packaging  with striking colours and has also stated that all products are handmade and animal cruelty free . The brands beauty products are all given names inspired by hip-hop to create uniqueness. Anti aging products are also available. 



 The MDMFlow Can be found in shops like Topshop for the moment . Her brand is going places hurry now to purchase!

News source Ibifuro Longjohn 


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