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Kylie Jenner Posts Picture Of Herself Wearing Huge  Bling On Her Engagement Finger 

Kylie 18 year old KUWTK reality star posted a picture of herself with her pet dog on Instagram and in the picture u can clearly see a huge engagement ring on her finger  . 
Well we gather from news outlets that boyfriend Tyga gave her this ring for Christmas, we can’t help but  wonder if it’s really an engagement ring or just plain Christmas present usual we are watching and listening for more news . 

Actor Baron Cohen and Wife Isla Fisher Donates $1 million to Syria Refugees To Help Save children life’s . 

What a generous humanitarian act . British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife Isla Fisher are donating $500,000 to help save children lives by helping to pay for measles vaccine and an equal amount to help the IRC international rescue committee to help save refugees in Syria and surrounding area . 

  Modern day angels if you ask me. Amazing humanitarian gesture . God bless them . I hope the charity organization put the money to the right reasons and in the right place . 
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Turkish President Stops Loneman from Committing Sucide .

The Turkish president  Erdogan was on his way to Friday mosque prayer when he saw a man who was about to commit sucide . Like a true leader he stopped and was able to convince the man not to jump over the 211ft bridge .According to reports policemen have been trying to talk him down for over two hours . Thank God for the president . The poor man probably doesn’t trust the police . 


Unidentified man trying to commit sucide

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Governor Agimobi of Oyo State knows How To Unwind .

I totally enjoyed this picture instablog9ja posted . It’s a picture of Oyo state governor Agimobi playing draft board with his aide after work . Yes many more government officials should learn from him . I just wished he would have worn a more casual outfit . Maybe a kaftan .:)  

 what do you all think ? 

Kurdish Militant Group claim Responsibility For Sabiha Gökçen Aırport Explosion.

The Kurdish militant group also known as the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks have claimed responsibility for the deadly explosion in Sabiha Gökçen airport which killed one worker ,wounded one other person and destroyed 5 planes on the 23rd of December.

According to reports from the Reuters the Turkish  prime minister has cancelled a planned meeting with the Kurds saying its political agenda are rooted in violence therefore he will not deal with them . 

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More Than 100 People Dead in Gas Explosion At  Nnewi Nigeria Yesterday  Christmas Day . 

It’s the festive seasons, time to celebrate and cook the most amazing delicious delicacies ,popular Nigerian dishes and partying time but terror struck at Nnewi in Anambra State Eastern Nigeria after a gas truck exploded killing more than 100 people who were in line waiting to refill their gas bottles. It was reported that the truck caught fire pressuring the gas tank causing a massive explosion . It’s a tragic day in Nigerian, Christmas celebrations turned in to mourning. My hearts goes out to all the family’s of the departed .

  It’s tragic that Nigeia has no normal properly equipped functioning fire service , they always manage to arrive either too late or they arrive and do not have proper fire fighting materials , some life’s could have been saved. A few days ago Okeke female hostel in UNN Nsukka also burnt to the ground . 

I join to mourn the dead . RIPP 100 ! 

Christmas Celebrations Calm in the Westbank/Bethlehem  ! 

Christmas would have been roundly and festive in the Westbank as its always been but this the season was pledged with terrors attacks . There was one report of an 18 years old who tried to stab a solder with a pair of scissors and was shot dead by the Israeli army . 4 other men tried stabbing Israeli guide at the border and also succeeded in stabbing a child and a woman seriously wounding them and were shot in the process . So ofcuz amid all the sadness and violent attacks by terrorists and the Israelis  solders protecting trying to protect citizens their is cause for caution . No one goes out freely and when you do you are searched just to make sure u ain’t about to stab anyone . What a way to live !


Palestinians dressed as Santa demostrated in front of the separation wall.
More than 130 Palestinians  have been killed while attacking  or trying to attack Israeli citizens .While 24 Israelis have been killed . Some have even been killed when they stabbed their own people thinking they were Israeli Jews .As Pope Francis said in his sermon last night let us all learn to be merciful,compassionate and forgiving . 


Sadness on faces of mothers .
May this season bring change . Amen! 

Picture source. Newyorktimes . 

Pope Francis Calls On Us All To be More Compassionate 

Pope Francis says we should all denounce Materialism and emulate the spirit of baby Jesus ! So where will the Kardashians be ???😳 In his three years in office his key themes hasbeem all about mercy ,compassion ,justice and empathy . He called on believers to show the same simplicity as the child Jesus, “born into poverty in a manger despite his divinity” to inspire their lives.

  Pope Feancis said 

“In a society so often intoxicated by consumerism and hedonism, wealth and extravagance, appearances and narcissism, this child calls us to act soberly, in other words, in a way that is simple, balanced, consistent, capable of seeing and doing what is essential,” he also said.

“Amid a culture of indifference which not infrequently turns ruthless, our style of life should instead be devout, filled with empathy, compassion and mercy.”

According to BBC correspondents he closed with these remarks …”In a world which all too often is merciless to the sinner and lenient to the sin, we need to cultivate a strong sense of justice, to discern and to do God’s will,” .
May Pope Francis live a long and healthy life . 

Let these season remind us what it’s truly all about . It’s about love,compassion,justice ,empathy and mercy .

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and your family 🎉🎉🎉🍷✅💯🌲❤️🌲❤️🌲❤️ from us here at

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Zeyhra Yamac Killed in Sabıha Gökçen Aırport Explosion ,Istanbul Turkey

The explosion which occurred during the night at 2:05 am Wednesday morning on the Tarmac , killed Zeyhra Yamac 30 year old cleaner who was cleaning an airplane and damaged 5 planes in its wake according to officials .One other person was also reportedly injured. Reports haven’t confirmed yet if the the blast was caused by a bomb or if it was a terror attack.

Shattered windows on one building caused by the explosion .

Pergasus airline says operations continues as usual while the Turkish police continues investigation into the blast .Security in and around the airport has also been re-enforced .

img_0240Condolences to the family of Zeyhra Yamac and to the wounded .

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The Kardashian Family Christmas Card.

The tradition of the Kardashian family is to feature all their family members on their Xmas card but this year it took a new turn !

The Christmas card only featured a picture with the  third generation kids North West and the Disick’s  

  I don’t care what the haters say I wish Kim and all her family a very Merry Xmas 🙂