Bill Cosby Mugshot Released ,Bail Set At One Million Dollars ! 

 Bill Cosby mugshot has been released and his bail was set at one million dollars.This is definitely a beginning of his first day and start of a new life as an alleged criminal . Charges are aggravated sexual assault on Andrea Constand .

So sad ! So tragic ! So embarrassing ! But if he is found guilty then he should face the consequences of his past actions . There is no smoke without fire . Cosby in a different arraignment admitted to having sexual encounter with Andrea Comstand . Ahhhhhh Bill Cosby! 

Furthermore I’m  also waiting to see Charlie Sheen charged for allegedly having unprotected sex with over 5000 people both men and women knowing he has the HIV virus . Looks like some people are parading him as a hero for coming out with his four year old secret 😳.I think not .

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