The Kardashian Only Son Hospitalized.

The only son of the Kardashian family Rob was rushed to hospital after he was reportedly feeling on well during the weekend . His family became worried and took him to the emergency ward where he was admitted , doctors  later diagonized him to be suffering from diabetes . I guess this is a wakeup call for Rob Kardashian who has been having weight problems for quite a few years now .

   According to TMZ , Rob was shocked at the  diagnosis .I wonder why ? If you have weight problems diabetes shouldn’t come as a shock .    

The whole Kardashian clan has been worried about Rob’s health since he became reclusive and refuses to leave his neighborhood. Especially Kloe Kardashian who blames herself for babying him too much . Doctors have warned him to loose the weight or he could get worst and have more health issues . 

I personally think poor Rob is feeling left out with his family been in the media every second of the day . Get well Rob and take care of yourself . 

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