From Selfie To Death Turkish Teenagers Die A Senseless Death . 

Mohammet Bozkurt 17 ,Caglar Savasci 19 and three other friends rented a car for a road trip through a coastal route traveling from Alanya to Antalya when tragedy struck . 

On their way passing near the airport the teenagers stopped and decided to take a selfie featuring some airplanes landing in the background but to do that they had to lay down on the road , a truck ran over them killing Mohammet and Calgar who were too drunk to even notice that a vehicle was approaching ,the other three friends were quick enough to move away  even though they were also drunk . 

All this because they wanted to show a plane landing in their selfie . It would have been a cool picture if they hadn’t been killed unfortunately . Another point is that they might probably be  alive if they weren’t drinking ..


One of the boys in shock after the deathof his two friends .
According to the police the truck driver called the emergency service after he hit the boys ,he didn’t even see them because it was dark . So tragic . 

May they rest in peace . 

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