Vladimir Putin Sexy 2016 Calender Now on Sale.

Looking for last minute gift ideas oh yes here’s Santas thought ,get a Vladimir Putin 2016 Calender . In it you have twelve months of mouth watering pictures of the Russian president and his personal words of wisdom with each month  . One quote of wisdom included some seriously scary stuff like “no one will ever get military superiority over Russia” and another said , “I like all Russian women. I think Russian women are the most talented and the most beautiful.”

    You will get quite intimate with him cuz his dressed up, soldiered up and shirtless ..oh yeas . Oh before I Forget, there were also pictures showing his mushy side ,cuddling a dog and even sniffing some kind of flower or plant . This Calender is on the shelf for as much as $84 .. 

Would I buy it ? oh noooooo thank you very much .Good luck to you when you buy your copy . This is definitely weird if not scary . 

Picture source www.bbc.com and www.dailymail.com

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