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Bill Cosby Mugshot Released ,Bail Set At One Million Dollars ! 

 Bill Cosby mugshot has been released and his bail was set at one million dollars.This is definitely a beginning of his first day and start of a new life as an alleged criminal . Charges are aggravated sexual assault on Andrea Constand .

So sad ! So tragic ! So embarrassing ! But if he is found guilty then he should face the consequences of his past actions . There is no smoke without fire . Cosby in a different arraignment admitted to having sexual encounter with Andrea Comstand . Ahhhhhh Bill Cosby! 

Furthermore I’m  also waiting to see Charlie Sheen charged for allegedly having unprotected sex with over 5000 people both men and women knowing he has the HIV virus . Looks like some people are parading him as a hero for coming out with his four year old secret 😳.I think not .

North West Cute Little Princess Rocks Her $3500 Coat And Yes We Are So Impressed.:)

 With parents like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West , we expect nothing less . She is totally adorable . A gorgeous site for sour eyes …such a pretty little angel .. Yes she wore this $3500 coat to the playground with Aunty Kourtney Kardashian …hmmmmmm so good to be rich ..:)

 Kim posted North’s picture on her FB account and captioned it “Swag “yes we do agree …😊😜😊

Breaking News: Bill Cosby Finally Gets Criminally Charged For 2004 Sexual Assault Of Andrea Constand 

In a news conference Wednesday afternoon Bill Cosby was officially charged with aggravated indecent assault ,according to the district attorney  it’s a first degree felony charge . They finally decided to charge him after new evidence came to light in 2015 ,the said assault occurred 12 years before .Bill Cosby has earlier admitted under oat that he had consensual  sexual encounter with the said woman .

  As reported by NBCNEWS :

Montgomery County District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele said at a news conference. He will be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

“Today, we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim,” Steele said.

Andrea Constand former temple university worker has earlier told police that Cosby drugged and raped her at her home in 2004 near Philadelphia in Cheltenham town. 

Andrea Constand is not the only woman who have come forward . Many other women including super model Janice has also accused Cosby ! This can not be a witch hurt .I just wonder if his wife is still vehemently supporting him . 

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From Selfie To Death Turkish Teenagers Die A Senseless Death . 

Mohammet Bozkurt 17 ,Caglar Savasci 19 and three other friends rented a car for a road trip through a coastal route traveling from Alanya to Antalya when tragedy struck . 

On their way passing near the airport the teenagers stopped and decided to take a selfie featuring some airplanes landing in the background but to do that they had to lay down on the road , a truck ran over them killing Mohammet and Calgar who were too drunk to even notice that a vehicle was approaching ,the other three friends were quick enough to move away  even though they were also drunk . 

All this because they wanted to show a plane landing in their selfie . It would have been a cool picture if they hadn’t been killed unfortunately . Another point is that they might probably be  alive if they weren’t drinking ..


One of the boys in shock after the deathof his two friends .
According to the police the truck driver called the emergency service after he hit the boys ,he didn’t even see them because it was dark . So tragic . 

May they rest in peace . 

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The Kardashian Only Son Hospitalized.

The only son of the Kardashian family Rob was rushed to hospital after he was reportedly feeling on well during the weekend . His family became worried and took him to the emergency ward where he was admitted , doctors  later diagonized him to be suffering from diabetes . I guess this is a wakeup call for Rob Kardashian who has been having weight problems for quite a few years now .

   According to TMZ , Rob was shocked at the  diagnosis .I wonder why ? If you have weight problems diabetes shouldn’t come as a shock .    

The whole Kardashian clan has been worried about Rob’s health since he became reclusive and refuses to leave his neighborhood. Especially Kloe Kardashian who blames herself for babying him too much . Doctors have warned him to loose the weight or he could get worst and have more health issues . 

I personally think poor Rob is feeling left out with his family been in the media every second of the day . Get well Rob and take care of yourself . 

Fan Confused By Annie Idibia’s Cancer Support Photoshoot .

Some months back I posted here about Annie Idibia’s photoshoot in insupport of  breast cancer , now according to instablog9ja an American man has reposted the same picture asking people to pray for her and type Amen claiming she has cancer . People please check your story’s well before you post and cause trauma for people’s family .

Here is the offending post  

Nothing do you gorgeous Annie . 


7 Alleged Boko Haram Bomb Exparts Arrested !

Yesterday the Nigerian Army said they had arrested 7 people suspected of being Boko Haram sucide bombers  .This is a great job well done for the Nigerian Army.

These Boko Haram insurgents have been terriorizing innocent citizens of Nigeria  for long now .Many people have been displaced from their homes, many have lost family members and our daughters are still missing . Whatever it takes to bring down the terrorist group could be a big blessing . 

Picture and story source premiumtimes .


Mark Salling Former Glee Actor Arrested Allegedly For Child Pornography

Mark Salling , Glee star was arrested on charges of  child pornography on Tuesday after investigators obtained a search warrant for his house Los Angeles police said . According to TMZ hundreds of child pornographic images were found on his computer . 

  Mark Salling is best known for staring in the hit fox musical Glee for four season and continues to star even in last of the series this spring . 

Such a shame …you never know who the pedophiles are ,they could be a loved star or even your next door Neighbour . 

Today’s Fashion Statement.

Today’s outfit is just a simple winter outfit ,nothing dressy at all. 

When it comes to cold weather  you can never go wrong with a Sweater dress .

I decided today is a great day for one so went with one of my favorite grey striped  ones. Sweater dresses are so comfy to wear ,you can pair them with leggings skirts depending on where you want to wear them to or even a jeggings,a simple jeans/leather pants .

The one I wore today is a bit loose on me , but you can equally add a belt to accentuate your figure . 

I paired it with a kneel length comfy boot, a woolly cute botton down knitted jacket and of cause a black 60 denier panty hose.You could virtually go anywhere with this outfit . To work depends where ,for a date ,you have to change the shoes and put on a more sexy stiletto boot.


Striped grey sweater dress .Midi Kneel length Ninewest leather boots in black .Black 60 denier panty hose. Black suede winter hat .Pearl necklace and a pair of Pearl  earrings .Swatch watch and garnet bracelet.



Vladimir Putin Sexy 2016 Calender Now on Sale.

Looking for last minute gift ideas oh yes here’s Santas thought ,get a Vladimir Putin 2016 Calender . In it you have twelve months of mouth watering pictures of the Russian president and his personal words of wisdom with each month  . One quote of wisdom included some seriously scary stuff like “no one will ever get military superiority over Russia” and another said , “I like all Russian women. I think Russian women are the most talented and the most beautiful.”

    You will get quite intimate with him cuz his dressed up, soldiered up and shirtless ..oh yeas . Oh before I Forget, there were also pictures showing his mushy side ,cuddling a dog and even sniffing some kind of flower or plant . This Calender is on the shelf for as much as $84 .. 

Would I buy it ? oh noooooo thank you very much .Good luck to you when you buy your copy . This is definitely weird if not scary . 

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