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‘Dalia In loving memory of your Gentle Giant Stay Strong ‘

” His love left you with a memory no one can steal and because of that, strength is yours as you wish it , find it every step of the way it’s embedded in you, in that memory that you are so blessed with”and the sun will never stop shining because you won’t let it!


i see the strength


FLAVOUR !!! 2niteflavour on Instagram is my favorite Nigerian hunk and Modern highlife musician, gosh all you girls stay away cuz his mine mine mine .

Happy belated birthday to the one and only FLAVOUR in my tea .Wishing you more awards and money ! Please keep that hunky body ooo

Happy belated birthday Flavour!


Black Friday a day where adults forget they are adults , a day where some people act like animals all because of sales ….

watch the Independent videos!!!

Kylie Jenner Tells Ellen ,Tyga and I are still together hmmmmmmm

Earlier this month , it was rumored that the Keeping up with Kardashian reality star  Kylie Jenner broke up with her rapper boyfriend Tyga on his 26th birthday , she was no where to be found during his birthday bash ,but within the week again rumored back together ! Strange then she posted a belated birthday message on snapchat after ignoring him.

In her recent appearance on Ellen-show, the talk show host put Kylie on a spot when she asked her point blank in her usual way to clearify if she and Tyga were still together.Kylie was obviously very uncomfortable talking about her current situation and i didn’t hear her call him her boyfriend .. on the interview ,here’s what she tells Ellen

“Honestly, people have it all wrong,” she says  “We’re not broken up.” We just, honestly, we became best friends before anything happened, so I think that that’s awesome,” she added. “And we’re just, like, hanging out all the time.”.”We’re still together,” she concluded.. Ellen went further and said “he bought you a car stay with him ” to which Kylie confirmed ” yes I drove it here ” and laughed shyly ….

Oh not again but ” TMZ ” just reported that Tyga has moved out of Kylie’s home and into a rental on the Hollywood hills  ! Ohhhhhhhh they just realized after their near rumored breakup that they each needed more personal space reported online Kylie and Tyga are fully back together and couldn’t be more happier ,in fact she’s been hanging out at his place .

Ok then Stop playing with us Kylie , it’s either u all together or you not …now which one is gonna be ? Stop teasing us ! We can’t take it anymore!:) 

     This is fun though for my nosy self ….Hahahahahahaha

Faith Or No Faith ! 

Sometimes what appears as an obstacle might well be an opportunity in disguise ..the trick is having enough faith to continue . Do you have faith ?  

Rita Dominic face of Zaron Cosmetics! 

Congratulations to Nollywood super star/multiple award winning actress,style icon  and producer Rita Dominic  as the new face of Zaron Cosmetics  ..replacing Ghanian actress Yvonne Nelson who was the face last year .More grease to your elbows young woman.

Zaron cosmetics is one of the leading brand names in African ,they specialize in high quality beauty products catering particularly to the woman of color …for women who have darker skin like I do they are God sent ..Zaron cosmetics has been in the market for 3 years and has managed to penetrate markets in Nigeria and across the African continent .

Here’s the ad campaign she posted on her Instagram

#ZARONCOSMETICS2016TVADCAMPAIGN.. Proudly Nigerian, Proudly African..☺️ Hey fam 💋❤️ @zaroncosmetics

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Kim Kardashian’s Baby Boy Arrives in a Few Weeks And She wants a $1,000,000 Diamond Choker As a push Gift ! Cheesy Right! 

Well in a few weeks reality super star Kim Kardashian West baby arrives and guess what? She wants a push gift worth a whooping $1,000,000 . Kim you are my kinda girl ! 

Yes I think she deserves it , and every woman deserves one but it would have been much more romantic if Kanye West gives her one without the asking . 

Every woman ,deserves 100kudos for all we go through and for our body been totally destroyed during pregnancy including all the hard work we do to get back in shape … but guys wouldn’t it be much more romantic and adorable if u men would just give these gifts without us asking?

 Okay it doesn’t have to be worth a million dollar …hahahahha .Just give your lady’s something worthwhile it makes the pain of child birth much more bearable …😜


the one million dollar diamond choker Kim K. wants as a push gift !

Well Kanye West you are equal to the task at hand just give it already ..:) 

We are watching you …Hahahaha  

In Your Battles ! 

In your battles , be Selective because sometimes peace is much better than being right !  


Check Out Coco’s 36th Week Baby bumb photo !

I think Coco looks absolutely fabulous,well exercised ,excited and healthy , according to all her post on Facebook and Instagram she is doing well and looking forward to welcome her new baby …she has also eating and exercising well even though she didn’t care whether she gained a 100pounds or not ..Wishing you all the best Coco u look amazing ..

Coco has a new blog where u can follow her progress and ofcuz read news about her … check her out .  

What an adorable picture Kim Kardashian posted of North ! 

Kim Kardashian posted this adorable of of North asleep on her dad Kanye West captioned ” sleeping Beauty ” She truly is and looked so adorable all tired out .

Gosh look at her ,that baby always looks cute whether sleeping , dressed up at fashion shows or warning the paparazzi off ..hahahah cute little angel.

” sleeping beauty “