Monthly Archives: October 2015

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog ,thank you for checking me out and starting this new journey with me!

I am Ebony Onyejekwe Galili, a gemologist and diamond sales rep who lives in Israel , My passion is jewelries ,everything fashion,entertainment news,inspirational speaking ,lifestyle and gossip.I believe that dreams do come through so long as you are ready to work to achieve them .I believe in love, in fact i am in love with love , i hate violence and hope to touch the world one day at a time bringing peace ,joy and happiness to every soul  I’m blessed to touch .

I shall try my best to keep you glued on here ,please bear with me. I’m a learner not a perfectionist  .Remember learning is a process and we learn till we take our last bring .So join me and lets grow together :)Thank you!

I love you!