Maheeda @m9ja1 celebrates 13 years of marriage .

Wow congratulations to @m9ja1 , that’s what she calls herself on her instagram account . She is Nigerian and best known as a soft porn erotic star on IG and also has released some records . 

Gorgeous Maheeda just celebrated 13 years of marriage to her expartriate husband .This woman is fearless and doesn’t care what haters say which is why she is admired by many including me. She’s also been called many nasty names because of her trade . Well 13 years of marriage sure proves something . 

Here’s Maheeda’s post on IG .

What is Maheeda doing that keeps her marriage going strong ? Maybe it is time we should all ask ourselves what we are doing wrong and why our relationships are breaking down … 

Pastors are divorcing their wives but yet the one called a blacksheep has a happy and successful marriage .. 

Hell yes Pastor Chris Oyakhilome should have taken example from Maheeda even me ..

I congratulate you Maheeda . Happy anniversary to you and hubby ,may God bless your family . Keep doing what you are doing ..100 kudos to you ! Please I want your recipe ! 🙂 

People do not judge a book by its cover eh! 


The Oba of Benin Kingdom drops new Rolls Royce Phantom.

Heheheh I’m sure somebody is wondering what that is right ? 

Oh yes it’s a car ..another priceless one …now who says there’s recession in Nigeria? 

Newly crowned 40th Monarch ,Oba Ewuare 11 of Benin Kingdom just got  himself a gift and heres what he got …a new  2016 Rolls Royce Phantom . The internet is buzzing and many Nigerians are asking questions.According to some news media outlets this car was acquired with tax payers money . 

 Oh well if you can’t beat that then become an Oba . 

Here’s the Oba of Benins official logo 


Stephanie Linus celebrates her son’s first birthday!

Nollywood princess Stephanie Okereke Linus  and hubby just celebrated their son’s first birthday.

Stephanie posted an adorable picture of baby Maxwell ,herself and hubby for the grand occasion .  

Happy first birthday baby Maxwell. 

Stephanie and her hubby …beautiful couple.  

Maxwell's first phone 📱 call with his uncle @immanuellinus – awesome uncle 😜😎😂xo 💋SL.#PrinceMax #PrinceEnosata

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Karruche Tran is killing it in this yellow assembly . 

Haven’t heard of her in a while but yes ! She’s back and looking fabulous  . 


12 year old to marry his 11 year old cousin in Egypt 😳

Egyptian law prohibits marriage before 18! 

Yet 12 year old Omar  just got engaged to his 11 year old cousin Gharam and the internet has gone wild,activists are outraged with the disgraceful news .

What is our world coming to? The father of the groom to be announced the so called happy news to his friends and family during the wedding of his eldest son . 

Why I’m Gods name did they paint her face like that??? 

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Do you need your life extended for 5 years ? 

Cossy Has the secret ! Just go lick up her boobs 😳 and boom your life gets 5 years visa …:) 


Is there recession in Nigeria ?

Oh yes there is recession but it’s for some particular kind of people .

Obafemi Martins former Nigeria Super Eagle striker who now plays for the Chinese Super League side Shanghai obviously isn’t in that category . He just bought himself a 2o17 Bentley Bentayga,the car cost an estimated $230 thousand USA dollars which equals N69.9 million Nigeria Naira .

Well go to his instagram page he sure loves to show off his blessings …:) Now see his actual post ….:)Are jealous ? Don’t be go live your dreams and work hard in it! 


Inspiring video posted by proud mum on Facebook 

Elmira Knutzen gave birth to an adorable baby with no arms . Here’s the inspirational video of her baby who have learned to feed herself with her toes . 


Azealia Banks accuses Russell Crowe of battery .

Reports according to dailymail online ,Azealia banks has filed a complaint against Tussell Crowe after a party she attended in his hotel went bad .

Azealia said it was all good at first , they talked flirted laughed ,drank vodka whiskey moonshine ,smoked cigarettes and weed then things changed  when she mocked another guest . 😳 Girl why  ?

‘He calls me a n*****, and then grabs me, picks me up, he chokes me by the throat, picks me up, throws me out of the room and then spits on me.

‘You don’t just spit on somebody. And in front of everybody,’ she said.
Banks filed a battery report against the actor at the Beverly Hills Police Department on Sunday.  
Oh well according to history both Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks have been trouble makers in the past . So mmmmmmm I’m not taking sides . 

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Photos of 21 rescued Chibok girls.

Last week  a bitter sweet News broke that 21 Chibok girls have been  rescued two years after their initial disappearance from their a school .

I call it bitter sweet , yes it’s happy News that these girls have come back home to their familys but when I think of the psychological trauma and horrors they’ve been through ,that’s where the bitter comes in. 

In a group photo taken of the girls with Senator Al Ndume , which has circulated the web , the girls look all  cleaned up and happy . As a Nigerian , I know we have a very strong long suffering spirit but I wonder about everything  these young lady’s have endured !